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The car passing by, has sharply submitted to the left and has broken a pocket mirror at the next car which went at this time on overtaking. I have given up as a bad job…» What to tell about this not taken place “adventure”?

Dmitry too long hesitated with the decision therefore the Kiev escort girl has noticed that he something wants from it. She has felt it and was frightened. If he has started talking to it at once in the underground, has asked at least what now station or would push it around, and has then apologised, such barrier would not arise. It would become for it already almost familiar Kiev escort ladies.

It was necessary to Dmitry to use an automatism rule, it says: you have seen object of your predilections — clever, beautiful, sexual — time, two, three and forward! Not important, what phrase now will take off at you from a mouth. It is important to open the Kiev escort person, as soon as possible, immediately as you have noticed it. We will disassemble thereupon one more case. «I in the underground. I see the girl, on heels, high, white, harmonous, juicy and inaccessible. Just that is pleasant to me! Easier so to approach to it — feet are braided, as they say, and language does not turn. I remember about an automatism rule! All should be spontaneous. I have developed at myself ability to operate, and then to think. Therefore approaches to such maidens now it is perfect for me not a problem. I do not notice difficulties. I spend the emotions when I wind myself before the approach for a problem: «I will make it! I am abrupt!

At least that I will operate now, instead of is stupid to stare!» . I am assured that it is necessary to make, everything, only not to think as. Therefore that seductive Kiev escort girl whom I have noticed, I there and then casually push it gently, but is strong. It does not fall nearly, I catch it. But there was what I did not expect. The train has moved, and we have fallen again. I have apologised for awkwardness. — excuse, please, me. Forgive, on a head it is necessary to me that eyes have learnt to see. I hope, I have not crippled you? My god as I regret. Will push me around, differently I cannot forgive Kiev escort lady.

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From councils of the temper there are Kiev escort people to whom we are pleasant simply so, and is very strong. But happens so that we see it and we begin (meaningly or unconsciously) to be frightened success and as result, all we spoil.

Yes, strangely enough, but this fear is very extended. Did not know? Many men and Kiev escort girl when feel that are close to success, start to panic. This panic happens for the several reasons. 1. I am not ready to a following stage and did not expect this success. 2. I do not know what to do further. The first — you was stunned with unexpected result. And you are not absolutely ready to it.

Well it is normal. Here you should take yourself in hands and to tell to yourself: «I go up to the end!». It is important, and anybody except you will not make it. Simply try to finish now all begun up to the end at any cost. Often before an altar the bride or the groom has an attack of a similar panic. It is important to step over this barrier, time the decision it was accepted. This property of the person to speak: «What for» , already before the finish. Somehow my Kiev escort friend has asked a question on a last year: «What for to me the diploma?» I have answered: «Reach the end. And, when it at you will be, will reflect, what for it is necessary to you» . The second decision to get rid of this fear, — competence and experience. When you know, how all will be or as all should be, you will confidently step through this fear of ignorance. And with pleasure you will apprehend unexpected success. Recently there was very indicative case to one my friend who has shown its problems with Kiev escort women. The cool guy. Not a handsome man, but assured enough. And every day it gets acquainted with several Kiev escort women. But, as he has informed me one week ago, it did not have till now a sex. Why? He did not know it, I too in the beginning could not assume. Today I have opened its secret, having listened to the story sledge, how it Has got acquainted with the class girl on the Internet. It met it, and they were pleasant each other. And then she calls.

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